Two of us dating service king of prussia cory monteith dating 2018

14-Jan-2017 01:11

I asked for a refund after 2 dates, 2 rejections, and 2 setups that I didn't persue and they said they don't give refunds and they could put me on hold until I was ready.

And oh by the way, if they don't hear from you for four months your contract is DONE. I CAN't STRESS ENOUGH, DO NOT USE TWO-OF-US DATING SERVICE!!! I too was scammed by Two of us (formerly Together) The scammer I had met with (Pam, manager in Bridgewater, NJ) actually played upon my emotions concerning a recent divorce, and I regret to say that she had me in tears.

The agreement I signed yesterday morning has a 3 day cooling off period clause so after reading this I will cancel and ask for a full refund.

I typically do my homework before hand but I was too busy at work this week and had not time for it prior to my meeting.

I wrote them an e-mail about trying to sell the membership, I am still waiting for the forms they were going to send me.Therefore I can absolutely say it was a waste of money and I feel cheated.Complete waste of money, I might as well have flushed 00 down the toilet.I figured I would have time to do it after the fact, but they are really good at getting you to sign on the spot. I was a member and I do agree with the statements above. They sent me matches that were not within the criteria and they took a long time to reply or return phone calls. I was harassed on the phone by the customer representatives and they even threaten me to pay them back.

I told them about the poor service, lack of professionalism and I was totally dissatisfied with the company, that in my point of view, I should not have to pay for services I did not get.She explained they required that because this ensured all their members were serious about finding the right person for them.

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