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Additional compliance controls such as information barriers, disclaimers, keyword blocking and alerts will be made available through the compliance portal.

The diagram below provides a high level summary of the private pod architecture: : Also controlled by the customer - Interfaces between the clients (on-prem) and the HSMs to request and then wrap encryption keys.

When the user logs into the client for the first time, they will be presented with a list of contacts pre-populated from the choices you or other admins made when assigning users to departments and divisions.

The user can select the contacts to add from this list and they will be added to their IM list in the left navigation panel.

These rules apply to all accounts – including Admin accounts.

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Specific HSMs have been selected and validated for use with your Symphony private pod.Some organizations may prefer their admins to always log out of the Admin Portal once they’ve completed the tasks they needed to do.To log out: Click on the down arrow located at the top right-hand corner of the interface and then click The use of hardware security modules (HSMs) ensures the security and confidentiality of your data.The precise URL would have been communicated to you along with your account details.

and entering the email address in which you received the email from Symphony Global Services.This is important because Symphony is designed with strict compliance in mind – Symphony Global Services do NOT have admin privileges on your pod. Otherwise the account will be created in your Symphony pod but the user will not be able to log in.