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While some films present the use of drug and alcohol humorously (the Cheech and Chong films) or as a part of the normal adolescent experience (Dazed and Confused), addiction is the socially preferred topic of many filmmakers trying to tackle this issue.Instead of detailing the complex reasons why characters use drugs and alcohol in the first place, most of these movies focus on the dangerous results and tragic aftermath of their use.Those problems, also, are problems very serious of the society.Even, those problems are very serious than the obesity.just a great idea, a great director, a nice script and a solvent actors.This movie is not only about some fat guys than try to get his nice weigh, is about humanity, about how everyone try to get his way, about how people can avoid the obstacles and look to the future. Maybe you will not burst out laughing, but you will show a great smile all the time, and maybe some laugh.about survival in the widest and "largest" sense of the word. But between all that great movies was a very nice title than passed walking on tiptoes...

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"GORDOS" is a comedy about life's excesses and deficiencies; about our insecurities, phobias, obsessions, traumas, mistakes, fears, blame, desires, hopes, challenges, concessions, goals, relationships, love, sex, health, family...

See full summary » Ruth is a young researcher in a college. Along the way she is trying to find her soulmate and for a companion to every wedding, she enlists the help of her new fellow assistant.

A hard-working single mother and wife of a getaway driver who is about to be released is approached by an unassuming and gentle man, completely unaware though of his inscrutable and utterly impelling motives. He hasn't met the woman of his life and has never known love. She found the man of her life but, even so, has ...

Sofia is engaged to Alex, a committed Christian who ignores her sexual needs.

While Sofia is able to reawaken her fiancée's libido, when she begins losing weight she finds he's most attracted to heavy women.about survival in the widest and "largest" sense of the word.