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I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Joseph Marino who compiled and updated many of the resources included on this page.

Joseph is a noted Shroud historian and archivist actively dedicated to Shroud research.

Peter Rinaldi, co-founder and former Vice President of the Holy Shroud Guild, built a Shrine of the Holy Shroud in Corpus Christi Church, Port Chester, New York. For more information about the Shrine, contact: Holy Shroud Society This group is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and veneration of the Shroud of Turin. The Man in the Shroud Committee of Amarillo Founded in 1985 by the Rev. J., this is an ecumenical group of clergy and lay people.

Its goals are to increase and share knowledge about the Shroud, serve as a gathering place for those interested in the Shroud and promote its veneration. They have an exact replica of the Shroud by Vern Miller on display at the Central Library of Amarillo.

It is sponsored and presented by the Believers Christian Fellowship of Smithson Valley, a non-denominational Christian Church in the Texas Hill Country, north of San Antonio.

The center has both ventral and dorsal lifesize, backlit transparencies of the Shroud on display and viewing is available by request or after any worship service at Believers Christian Fellowship. Holy Face Monastery This monastery offers books, pictures, film strips, medals, leaflets and cards.

Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation This organization was created by Mark Antonacci, who along with his colleague, retired physicist Art Lind, continue new research into the Shroud and its significance.

As stated on their website: With the passing of a generation of research and development, science may now be able to move beyond the question of authenticity and prove some of the most startling events in history, while disproving the results of the Shroud's controversial carbon dating.

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Use your browser's "back" button to return to the navigator bar.For further information contact the Whangers at: Face to Face This group promotes the Shroud through prayer, slide lectures, etc., and helped sponsor a conference in St. They offer a book for .00US that includes all the papers presented at the conference.