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03-Jul-2016 22:22

there’s are 20 different ways we can take it.” Perhaps the most glaring omission for now is that mobile Messenger users can’t video call with desktop Facebook users, but Chudnovsky says that should be patched relatively soon.

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He believes free, high audio quality VOIP will displace traditional phone calling, and video calling could accelerate that.

Facebook is also working on a group video chat app called Bonfire, but it’s only available to a small number of users right now.

According to WABeta Info, Whats App’s group voice calls feature should roll out before the group video calls option.

Bringing it to mobile could Messenger a serious competitor to i OS-only Face Time, clunky Skype, and less-ubiquitous Google Hangouts.

With 600 million Messenger users and 1.44 billion on Facebook, the new VOIP video feature has a massive built-in audience.“We’re not thinking about what our second, third, fourth, and fifth steps will.

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