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09-Jul-2016 11:26

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A senior Iranian official has lashed out at certain countries for using petrodollars to turn the Middle East into a depository for Western weapons.

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Scientists in the area couldn’t believe they hadn’t just washed the salt out of the soil with massive amounts of water.In Jordan, most of the water is used for industrial agriculture, which is an enormous waste.This alternative could be huge in terms of sustainable water usage.When they peeled back the layers of mulch around the trees, they found dark, rich soil where before had been dry sand.

They also found mushrooms growing – a great indication of soil health and very unusual in an arid environment.

A project in one of the driest places on Earth is proving that Permaculture principles and techniques can transform even the most brutal ecosystem into an oasis garden.

A vrut să o ajute să prepare ceaiul şi i-a spus că nu-i place să intre altcineva în bucătărie.… continue reading »

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When they grow older, the idea that they have to pay for if they want to get laid galls them. The client who pays for sex usually gets exactly what he wants, with a minimum waste of time, whereas the cruisers in any venue, have to make do with whatever is available to them on at a given time.… continue reading »

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I suppose it's natural we should become good friends, and the five year gap between us didn't seem quite so wide. *** The phone was laying on my pillow, right next to my face, so when it buzzed, it woke me easily. I'll never forget her kiss of thanks..the cheek, but still so tender and memorable. I suppose that's pretty obvious, with the whole 'legal age' thing, but mine was more so. … continue reading »

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Like walking through a labyrinth, they start moving in one direction, but keep changing directions to find the way out.… continue reading »

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Each of the 3 subtypes per talisman can be purchased once a week from the PVP Store for 400 Iron Coins each.… continue reading »

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