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24-Dec-2016 07:29

IAGA has thus agreed to set up Task Forces on the abovementioned aspects, with a consensus already found when it comes to the aims of data/ data-product licensing and Digital Object Identifier (DOI) minting to: – Provide recognition and acknowledgement.– Enable creation of new data products from primary data (e.g., geomagnetic indices) or in combination with other data sources (e.g., global models of geomagnetic field).3), but also regarding the way data are made available (from yearly books, via isolated recording supports, up to connected data repositories).In this regard, the community had practices based on fair-play and goodwill recognition of data sources/providers.

The new organization—which will be called the International Science Council and which should come into being in summer 2018—will serve as a single, global voice for science and will help to provide the evidence base for, and coordinate action on, issues of public concern.

The new 'voice of science' in the 21st century will need to champion the infrastructure required to ensure free and open access to data.

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