Dating of the mahabharata by dr v vartak online dating booster virus

10-Sep-2016 21:22

Following is a brief summary of this research: Genealogies of different dynasties are recorded in the Puraan.

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To fit the long history of India in this time frame, required MB to occur no earlier than 900 BCE.Now that the science has proved that the Earth and Homo sapiens were created long before 4000 BCE, this date of 900 BCE should be discarded.(I am writing “should” because it is not yet discarded from the history text books.) Astronomical events mentioned in MB are used to calculate the date of the MB War.Using this data, Dr S Balakrishna calculates the MB date to be either 3129 BCE or 2559 BCE.

[8] The archeological evidence points to a date between 3500 BCE and 1800 BCE.However there are some difficulties with the Archeological data gathering.

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