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The ware is particularly important at the Via Gabina, though the number of pieces is so small, because an example of this type in the construction for Period IC may be the latest closely datable ceramic evidence from that context. 4 and 6 are in a stratified context which would allow them to be dated as early as the end of the third c. Furthermore, she dates this change to the second quarter of the second c. The pieces include three rims, five wall sherds, and two rosette base medallions.

Moevs also discussed the potter Heracleides (Moevs, 1980, p. 155), whom she associates with a workshop at Tivoli which has been identified by a dump of wasters and moulds (Moevs, 1980, p. These sixty-eight pieces are closely related in fabric and style to the Italo-Megarian bowls which appear at the Via Gabina. Moevs suggests that known signed Popilius bowls demonstrate a 'drastic change from a controlled to a dramatic naturalism'. Verzar illustrates an example of the type from Arezzo (fig. The form copies metallic prototypes (Moevs, 1980, p. Moevs suggests that the typical hollow of the Cosa rim is earlier rather than later, in contrast to the sequence of development among producers of the 'Megarian' bowl in Greece and Asia Minor (p. In terms of decoration, they are so similar that there is some question about how many examples are actually represented.

Moulded ribbed vertical long leaf with trace of vertical corded line parallel. 2, Rome, Villa Giulia Museum; what does she think of it?

Fine hard medium brown fabric with minute white and micaceous inclusions, darkened exterior surface. Moulded imbricated leaf decoration from calyx near base of bowl. The following two sherds incorporate basal medallions: d297 p149 VG11/76 F20 1 Base sherd. 3, 5 and 6 from the Tivoli dump of moulds and wasters.

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Ru sms SMS graphics painting bible computergraphics affiliate tracking software affiliate program software Affiliate affiliate software Tracking software Marketing network ad management ad server ad management software adserving ad-server ad-serving ad . The bowl has a double border preserved: the upper zone is made up of running spirals; the lower zone, though difficult to read, is evidently a flowered scroll. 6 has a fret for its second border, d291 has a rather poorly drawn flowered scroll with arched vine and tendrils, evidently similar to nos. Moevs links the flowered scroll to Heracleides (whom she furthermore links to the workshop at Tivoli), and says that this border was not in the repertory of Popilius and Lapius. d233 VG11/77 I19 A 2 Rim, rd 12.0 Everted rim above a slightly shorter hollow throat than d291; no lower moulded decoration is preserved. 5 shows that the fret can be placed upside down; stars (nos. F., "Bowls by Popilius and Lapius", Record of the Art Museum, Princeton University 17, 1 (1958), pp. Marabini Moevs, Maria Teresa, "Italo-Megarian Ware at Cosa", Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 34 (1980), pp. Ohlenroth, L., "Zu den mittelitalischen Reliefbechern (Popilius-Ware)", Germania 33 (1955), pp. 8) The influence of other workshops is important for both date and cultural cross influence.Each of these zones is slightly depressed and is underlined by a narrow groove. She therefore places this border in the last quarter of the second c. Hard and fine medium red-brown fabric (2.5YR 6/6 light red) with a slightly darker surface. ) Narrow hollow corniced slightly everted rim; below the rim a single pointed leaf of moulded vegetal decoration survives; cp. 9, 'a straight ivy garland divided into segments with leaves turned in opposite directions, of which two ends and terminal round-petalled rosettes are preserved' (Moevs, 1980, p. Moevs believes that this ivy garland has a Pergamene origin; a closely related garland appears on the early issues of Pergamene cistophoroi coins, which first appeared around 190 B. 6 and 50) and other motifs also are attested as combined with this type of fret. Moulded rosette in disk, alternating pattern of rising double corded line and moulded oval ? R., "Hellenistic Pottery", Small Objects from the Pnyx: II, Hesperia Suppl. 9) I should read over the stratigraphic evidence from Cosa again.Via Gabina Site 11 Italo-Megarian Bowls Ten pieces of Via Gabina Site 11 pottery belong to a well-known Italian Hellenistic ware, the forms of which generally consist of thin-walled hemispherical moulded bowls, more or less correctly referred to as 'Italo-Megarian bowls'. They were subsequently imitated at Pergamum and at Antoch; at Pergumum they are first common in contexts dated c. C., while at Tarsus they appear commonly only in the second quarter of the second c. The Italian products are often referred to as 'Popilius' bowls, since a number of examples signed by C. They vary from very spontaneous to very rigid and lifeless compositions, yet there is no evidence to suggest that they are not all nearly contemporary. 3) I don't believe the general type can last for more than 100 years: shouldn't all known pieces just be taken back to the earliest possible date unless there is good reason to make them later?

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These bowls imitate the form and decorative motifs of a Greek type originally produced in Athens and Corinth by the middle of the third c. Popilius are extant (10 examples of signed bowls and of a mould are illustrated by Moevs, 1980, pls. Workshops of Popilius are known at Bevagna and Otricoli, both sites situated in Umbria, north of Rome on the Via Flaminia. In the following descriptions, I have followed Moevs' terminology wherever possible: Three rims; Moevs notes that variations in rim diameter are typical of Megarian bowls (1980, p. 4) Moevs is determined to fit each piece into a dating framework which is hardly going to stand up under the strain--does she illustrate the pieces which are actually found in dated contexts?

The Italian hemispherical thin-walled moulded bowls are distinctive in fabric. The stylistic arguments of Moevs are therefore of great interest, as they directly affect the dating of the earliest integrated architectural phase from the site. 177-8; Viterbo, tombs near Corchiano and at Musarna, p. The variety among the rims demonstrates that a minimum of three examples of the type are represented.