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09-Oct-2016 17:39

The company stresses that there will only be one ad per search, it will be clearly labeled as such (with a blue background and an “Ad” icon), and it will have the same content as the app’s App Store listing.

Apple will also not share data about users’ ad clicks with developers – they will get reports, but not user data.

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The improvements, many would argue, are long overdue.

Apple tells us all current subscriptions are eligible—if developers have subscribers they have already retained for over a year, the 85/15 split starts immediately, effective Monday, June 13.

Developers will also be able to set territory-specific pricing, and they’ll be able to increase prices for new subscribers while keeping loyal customers at the older, lower pricing, we’re told.

Subscriptions and a new 85/15 split In addition, Apple is introducing a new business model for developers who use subscriptions to generate revenue.

Today, Apple uses the traditional 70/30 split – something that was introduced back when developers were largely monetizing through app sales. Now, apps using subscriptions will still see the 70/30 split in year one, but this will become an 85/15 split in subsequent years.

The App Store has been plagued by discovery issues for years, according to many developers, who complain that it’s too hard for users to find their apps.

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